Ask, and you shall be told the answer


  • Q: Are you Carl or Jaspar?
    A: Carl.
  • Q: Are you twins?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Do you get asked that a lot?
    A: Yep.
  • Q: How do you spell socceresque?
    A: S-o-c-c-e-r-e-s-q-u-e.
  • Q: What's all this ding dong about and where did it come from?
    A: Joey McMahon started it all when we were in TN in the summer. He got it from some web site.
  • Q: Why do you guys have seven names?
    A: It's a family tradition that dates back to the time when names meant money. A lot of names meant you were very important because you descended from a lot of people who could all remember their names. Employers were impressed by this and rewarded the bearers of so many names with higher wages. Now it's just a fad.
  • Q: What happened to
    A: We tried everything in our power to acquire that domain name but we didn't have $7 million, which is how much the dork wanted that owns it. He invented a doorbell for your driveway and is going to get rich off it!
  • Q: And how about Plan B Productions?
    A: It's thriving. Go to and see for yourself.
  • Q: Where did you get the raptor for The GreatER Soccer Heist?
    A: He actually fell into our hands through a chance of luck. You see, we needed some way of replacing Pepin since he was away with the Marines. We were thinking of using Josef for a double but we just couldn't get him to scream right. So we had just started filming when this raptor ran by. Luckily we had the camera rolling and got a beautiful shot of him eating some little kid. We never found out who he was or why he was there. After eating him the raptor just vanished in a puff of smoke. Not your everyday thing but hey, it worked for us.
  • Q: I don't get the five boys trying to reach the sun. Isn't that impossible anyway?
    A: That was a physics project back in Germany. Our teacher wanted us to come up with an alternate energy source that was clean and didn't hurt the environment (this is a big issue in Germany). Our team's idea was to stretch a cable all the way to the sun and harness its energy. That's how we came up with the cool team name. The other three team members were Jonas, Max, and Fabrizio. We never figured out how to reach the sun but our project got an A. School projects are a lot different in Germany.
  • Q: Who is Josef?
    A: He's the one that comes after Pepin and before Stefan. He is also referred to as the "forgotten" brother. I guess he does normal stuff like anybody else but I'm not sure. Stefan would probably know more about him. I think he's sixteen going on seventeen.
  • Q: Whose the man with the yellow feet?
    A: The Cheat. The Cheat.
  • Q: How do you say blank blank blank in German?
    A: Dude, do I look like a walking dictionary?
  • Q: What was your second cousin's uncle's first wife's son's daughter's sixth middle name?
    A: Olga. I get that one a lot.
  • Q: Why does my iPod have the address to this site on it?
    A: Congratulations!! You have won! One free kick in the pants that is. Either you're the thief that robbed me at World Youth Day, or you bought that thing on the black market. However the case may be, I only beg God's mercy on your petty little soul!