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Ok, check out this random stuff that's been done:

  • Pope Benedict on Soccer (1978)
  • This is a radio talk given ahead of the 1978 World Cup by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Munich and Freising. The cardinal, now Pope Benedict XVI, saw the worldwide enthusiasm for soccer as a kind of yearning for a condition of paradise, free from the rigors of daily life. But he concluded, "Freedom lives from rules and from the discipline which learns how to work together, how to oppose in the right way, how to be independent from outward success and arbitrary use of power, and which that way becomes really free."
  • Football Badgers
  • Space Case Productions
  • A Song Someone Made For Me
  • Snow Towers
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  • Wow, who's that dude!


    He's just hanging out here on this cool site. This must be a really cool site to be at! Here's what I learned at dinner tonight:


    "Boys go to Mars to get candy bars, girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider." Peter v. B.


    Most people didn't know this. Do you agree with this statement?



    I don't really care...just want to test these radio buttons.



    This is Carl...yikes!!!