Stefan Speaks...

"I won't cheat with a cheater!"

To Josef: "Someday you might be related to me!"

"I think Jaspar and Carl are easy to undertell from the front."

Family is discussing how to save someone in a well;
"Throw him a parachute."

"We can hear you, we're not blind."

"That's the card he drawled."

"We have to use the whole snow."

"Trees used to be flowers."

"Ultimate frisbee? That's the retardest game ever!"

"I might be too resistable to eat the brownies."

"Answer me once and for all! Silence."

"Just 'cause you guys like to be skinny, maybe I don't. Ok, put me on an all team year soccer"

"How do you swim? I just sit on my back."

"Actually, my stomach's bigger than my eyes. It fills my whole brain."

"The race was almost a mile. Like about three thirds."

"I can't ever remember how to spell soccerquest so I just type Jaspar von Buelow in Google."

Good Friday dinner(salmon patties);
: "What is this stuff?"
Stefan: "It's a leg from a fish. Some legs have fish."

Stefan's interpretation of the year 1711: "Nineteen-seventy-eleven."

"How much does an external driveway cost?" (hard drive)

"I remember the last time we went to Assumption Grotto it was scary. There was a flaming car that was on fire!"

Stefan's interpretation of the number 2400: "Two hundred four hundred."

"I'm on a soccer team now, I'm coming in shape."

"Oh, today's groundhog day? Did the squirrel see his shadow?"